Posted by admin on February 28, 2013

Innovation and the Art of Software Testing

Inside The Box

“Art is anything you can do well. Anything you can do with Quality.”

Robert M. Pirsig, NPR interview, July 12,1974

True innovation does not require thinking outside the box, but it does necessitate a fresh or novel perspective. In my own experience, the best approaches to improving testing practices are most elegant in their simplicity, not ingenuity. A good software testing process should be scientific in its ability to be effective and reliable, but a great testing practice is also artful in its dexterity and utility.

The greatest challenge will often be the gaining the acceptance of those who carry-out the processes we are attempting to improve. Many people involved with software development have become jaded from the many promises of prior improvement schemes that resulted in more hassle than progress. In order to overcome these misgivings, any process improvement must be clear in its goals, practical in its implementation, and convincing in its presentation.

In the posts on this site, I will discuss and demonstrate ideas, methods, and practices that can be used to improve testing processes. My focus will be toward the simple and practical tools and methods that offer significant return on investment, but present little risk and require minimum effort to implement.


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